Sunday, September 9, 2012

[Pengalaman] The New Adventure is About To Begin

The evening sight of Basilika from my room

I called myself ‘the blessed one’ because I flied across the continent and reached in Europe safely to continue study here, in Weingarten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Weingarten is small city with its area is 12.17km2 and the population around 24,000 people. I haven’t explored the city much. All I’ve known is dormitory, campus, church, and another important: supermarket to buy food.

Basilika St. Martin. 10-minutes-walk from my dormitory

Great scluptures and paints inside the Basilika

City view from Basilika

Building beside the Basilika (still searching what it is used for nowadays)

Green is everywhere here :)

Every city in German has Spielplatz as public-place so the children has their place to play

My new campus is great. It feels so homely, greeny, and quite near from the dormitory. I just realized.. i forgot to take a picture of the main building ^^ haha, i took it from the website ^^

Hauptgebaude of Hochschule Ravensburg Weingarten

Bench area in front of the main building

New hobby: take a picture of trees. The weather was so nice today ^^

Ah ya, one my first day here, I met my first friend from India, her nama is Archana. We have walked together on this sunny Sunday to the campus, seeing the meeting room for tomorrow.

Archana and me in our new campus

The other thing that successfully made me astonish is my extraordinary room. It’s much bigger than I thought before. It is fully furnished. But one thing that made me laughed at the first time here was the-high-cupboard-that-I-can-not-reach.

Finally fineshed to arrange all stuffs ^^

Lot of my stuffs were given by my special friends. I brought all of those things, and put it on my table and book rack. 

Memory-book, Korean-souvenirs, and Scrapt-book

High-school-photos,  Sepeda-ontel,  Special-video-on-the-box, Message-for-Nurnberg-Stay-at-My-Brother's-place, and New-Microcontroller-from-My-Brother, Digital-frame, Cute-teddy-with-bracelet,  ^^

Thanks for all of my families and friends who help me since the beginning of the application. It's time for me now struggle and survive on this new adventure. ^^


  1. buku pe-er aku ma pupung dibawa gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkk awas kalo ditinggal kaya tumbler nya pipi~~~~~~~~~~

  2. hahaha, ditinggal di indo, tapi dicatet semua pr-nya apa aja Puz ^^ hehehe.. cetaknya di indo ya akakakaa...


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